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06/11/2014 - Transformers Fan Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Transformers Fan Experience! In case you don’t have a package to BotCon and want to attend the Transformers Fan Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday, June 20th, please see the official information and updates at the Hasbro Transformers Facebook page.

There is a link where you can purchase tickets to the event on their page. Of course, you will need your own transportation to and from the park. Again, all BotCon: Primus, Mini-Con and Golden Ticket attendees do not need to purchase this ticket as it is included with your package as well as bus transportation to and from the park from the Pasadena Convention Center.

06/10/2014 - Transformers 2014 Membership Free Figure Update!

2014 TCC Club Membership! Please note that all of the Domestic membership figures went in the mail May 30th. These go Standard Rate via the Post Office (Internationals go a different service and were mailed June 2nd). There is no tracking on any of these. Domestic can take up to 4 weeks and International can take up to 6 weeks. Please do not call our office or email and ask about these figures as there is nothing we can do to check on them. We will not be taking any issues on the figures until after July 2nd for Domestic and July 16th for International.

In addition, your close friend or neighbor may receive their figure before you. Please don't think that they will all come to a particularly area at the same time. These are delivered by the Post Office and it is not always consistent in any one area.

Thanks for your patience, we know you are excited to get your figure!

06/04/2014 - TCC Store 30th Anniversary Sale is Ending Soon!

30th Anniversary Sale! Just a reminder that our 30th Anniversary Transformers Sale ends at 5pm on Friday (6/06)! Some items are very limited and many are the lowest price ever! Some of these may already be sold out. Don't miss the remaining club exclusive and BotCon items.

You can celebrate by visiting the TCC store:!

05/23/2014 - TCC Store Update: Transmutate is ONLINE!

2014 transmutate Update!The TCC Exclusive Transmutate is Online and available to order in the store! Click the story thumbnail or browse the store and search the Featured Products to find our 2014 Transformers Club Exclusive Transmutate.

Check out the full image gallery of both Transmutate in box along with Rampage...CLICK HERE!

These are available now in the store, limit of TWO per membership. Your free Rampage will be in the mail in the next week or so! Get this great figure and the box that both figures will fit in!

Have a great Memorial Day!

05/23/2014 - TCC FSS 2.0 Update - Please Check Your Address!

FSS 2.0 Update!The container was off loaded yesterday. We are preparing to make the first shipment to you next week and then, due to the BotCon schedule, the second shipment will occur before BotCon. So, your first two figures will come relatively close together.

For those of you on the installment pay plan, we will be billing you the 2nd installment on July 2nd and the final installment on August 26th. Please make a note of those dates so that you can ensure there is enough money/credit in your account. Remember, we will attempt the billing 3X and after the third attempt, the remainder of your subscription will be cancelled and there is no way to reinstate it. Each time we rebill the admin fee is additive.

Your bonus figure will ship with the final shipment in October and only those who complete the full subscription will receive the free bonus figure.

In addition, we would like for all of you to log-in and check/correct your address and while you are there, check your cc information to make sure that it is still valid. Address changes must be made in the system by midnight Monday, May 26th, so that we can prepare the shipping documents that Tuesday morning. Click here to log-in to check your information. Do not log into the club store and make any address changes for this system. The two software systems are independent for shipping addresses. All FSS address changes must be made in the FSS system. All store order address changes must be made in the store system.

Please note that this went to every invoice in the FSS 2.0 system, even if your order did not go through or you cancelled it. We don't have a way to separate the different emails so this was sent to everyone. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks for your support and patience!

05/14/2014 - TCC Store 30th Anniversary Sale is underway!

30th Anniversary Sale! As promised our 30th Anniversary Transformers Sale is underway! Some items are very limited and some are the lowest price ever!

You can celebrate the Transformers 30th Anniversary and great some fantastic deals. Check out the list of products on sale through June 6th, 2014. Visit the TCC store:!

05/09/2014 - Official BotCon 2014 Attendee Registration is ONLINE!

BotCon 2014 Registration! The BotCon 2014 ATTENDING registration is now live at! Visit the official convention website and click on the registration tab to register for your attending package.

DO NOT register for attending package and try to change it later to non-attending, we will cancel your registration and sell it to the next person in line after you are charged a cancellation fee.

See you in Pasadena, California!

04/29/2014 - Transformers Collectors' Club FSS 2.0 Update!

FSS 2.0 Update! Just a quick note about the TF FSS 2.0 orders: The shipment is now on a container ship heading this way and is scheduled to arrive in Dallas during the last week of May.

Provided that there are no other delays, we anticipate on shipping the first month's figures by the first week in June.

Thanks for your patience with the manufacturer's delay.

04/22/2014 - Official BotCon 2014 Information Brochure is ONLINE!

BotCon 2014 Brochure! The BotCon 2014 brochure is finally online at! Don't miss the TRANSFORMERS FAN EXPERIENCE at Universal Studios Hollywood, as this will be a fantastic event at this year's 30th Anniversary Transformers Celebration!

Our current plan is to let you ask convention questions for the next couple of weeks and then we plan to start registration sometime the week of May 5th.

Please use the "Contact Us" email links at and make sure you read the FAQ's before we start registration.

See you in Pasadena, California!

03/10/2014 - Deadline to sign up for your 2014 TCC Membership!

2014 TCC Club Membership! You will need to sign up by March 16th to be a member of the Transformers Collectors’ Club and receive this year’s FREE Membership Incentive Figure RAMPAGE! For a final look at the Rampage figure, click the story thumbnail! As a member you will receive 6 issues of the TCC Magazine, Discounts on Club and BotCon items (A HUGE 30th anniversary sale is coming next month, ONLY available to Club members), Prizes from Club contests and a Members Only forum debuting this Spring!

This is the year to join! If you have never been a member, haven’t been a member recently or need to re-join, now IS the time! It’s going to be a BIG year for Transformers! So take a few minutes and... JOIN TODAY!

03/07/2014 - March Pre-orders at the Transformers' Club Store!

March 2014 Pre-Orders!Here are the new Pre-Order items from the TCC store:

Takara Tomy Transformers Cloud BRAWN (TFC-AO2) features a new head sculpt and utilizes the very popular Bulkhead mold from Transformers Prime. This item is not slated for wide release, so you won’t want to miss your chance for this exclusive Japanese item!

Takara Tomy Transformers Cloud STARSCREAM (TFC-DO2) makes his first appearance as a Triple Changer! This item is not slated for wide release, so you won’t want to miss your chance for this exclusive Japanese item!

$87 each plus shipping. Cannot be ordered with regular product.

See the Transformers Featured Products section of the TCC Store... Click Here!

01/29/2014 - TCC Issue 55: BotCon 2014 Convention Set FIRST LOOK - PIRATES VS KNIGHTS!

TCC Issue #55!The BotCon 2014 reveals begin this issue! Pirates vs Knights is the theme, and a selection of amazing characters and molds are what fans will get at this years 30th anniversary celebration! Issue 55 will give fans their first look at Cannonball, Captain of the Star Seekers! Stay tuned to for more details!

In addition to the BotCon reveals, we kick off our “Thrilling 30” coverage with two great pieces, an article by Jim Sorenson and an interview with Flint Dille. We also have the Prologue to the 2014 Club story “Alone Together”. The story will focus on Rampage and Transmutate in a whole new way, in a VERY different universe. We think you will all enjoy this brand new take on these classic characters.

Issue 55 will be arriving next month and if you are not yet a member, don’t miss out any more. Go ahead and Join Today!

01/21/2014 - Hasbro Gives Its Transformers Toys a New Look!

Transformers: Age of Extinction!The New York Times reports that Optimus Prime (the alien robot who can masquerade as a truck), will get an overhaul from Hasbro along with the popular toy series.

The remake of the line, which includes new branding and packaging, is meant to coincide with Paramount Pictures’ release of the fourth movie in the franchise, "Transformers: Age of Extinction."

To read the full New York Times article... Click Here!

01/08/2014 - Transformers Timelines Issue 8: Termination is now Available for Order in the Club Store!

Timelines Issue 8!The Diamond Edition of Transformers Timelines #8: Termination is finally available for order in the Club Store. This version of the comic feature bonus material that was not included in the BotCon 2013 print edition as well as an exclusive cover by famed Transformers artist Guido Guidi!

A NEW war for Cybertron has begun! With OPTIMUS PRIME and GALVATRON off-line, two legendary Generals, OBSIDIAN and STRIKA, will be charged with saving Cybertron from the invading clone army led by MEGAPLEX and his fleet of STARSCREAM, SKYWARP and THUNDERCRACKER clones. Along with seasoned troops such as HOIST, ELECTRO, SANDSTORM and MIRAGE, the Generals will need every soldier, Autobot or Decepticon, they can find if they are to save Cybertron and win the MACHINE WARS!

Click here for the order page. For those that ordered the issue through their local comic book shop, the comic is on store shelves today!

And for a look at the back cover ad featuring a hint at this years BotCon convention set theme, click here.

Read our previous updates...

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