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01/27/2015 - Hasbro Lets Fans Design Transformers Line!

Honda Commercial!The official "Transformers" app has been updated with a round of questions that fans can answer to help shape the identity of the new Combiner characters. The Fan Built Combiner poll will allow fans to determine everything from the types of vehicles involved, to whether the characters will be Autobots or Decepticons and eventually the name of the new character.

Voting for each round will be open for one week, after which the results will be announced in a new round of voting. Click Here to get the app!

12/12/2014 - Help G.I. Joe and Jem for Charity!

Honda Commercial!This Holiday Season, Honda has featured G.I. Joe and Jem interacting in a couple of great car commercials.

It was really great to see Jem and G.I. Joe singing Fa La La La Love!

If this video of G.I. Joe winning Jem over moved you, share it before 12/21. Honda will donate $50,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County if it gets the most views from their toy series.

12/10/2014 - Transformers Timelines Issue 10 Available Now!

Timelines Issue 10!Noble, wise, and loyal to the cause, the KNIGHTS OF CYBERTRON are steadfast in their protection of their homeworld. Any villainy that dare threaten the planet will be met with valiant courage, unwavering will, and Cybertron’s greatest warriors! All that and more will be tested soon enough though...

What remains of UNICRON has cast its shadow over CYBERTRON for years; a constant reminder to the inhabitants of the planet CYBERTRON of the war that almost destroyed their homeworld. Although he has been dormant for a long time, CAPTAIN CANNONBALL, SCORPONOK and the pirate crew of the STAR SEEKERS have arrived to change that. Hoping to use UNICRON's insatiable appetite to drain CYBERTRON dry of energon, the pirates may have underestimated the CHAOS BRINGER's own ambitions...

Featuring an amazing 1986 Transformers: The Movie homage cover by Transformers artist Marcelo Matere with exclusive content included as well! Visit the TCC Store to Order Now!

12/05/2014 - TCC Magazine Issue 60!

TCC Magazine Issue 60!Issue 60 of the TCC Magazine will be hitting mailboxes very soon. Some GREAT features this issue! Jim Sorenson concludes the 30th anniversary article series with a look at the Aligned Universe. We have Part 2 of the Unreleased Generation 2 feature. Lord Imperious Delirious and his Destructons go toe to toe with Rampage and Transmutate in the final story chapter of "Alone Together”. Oh, and oh yeah, EVERYTHING you thought you knew about the last ten years CHANGES!

Watch your mailboxes for Issue 60 of the TCC Magazine! To become a member of the official Transformers Collectors’ club is easy. Go here to Join Now!

11/21/2014 - Transformers Collectors' Club Early Holiday Sale!

TCC Holiday Sale!I hope all of you have a joyous Holiday Season and Merry Christmas. To make it merrier, we have started our holiday sale early.

The unexpected items in this sale are the final few pieces (boxed and loose sets) from the 2014 Convention Pirates v. Knights. These are sold out and we have now finished with all of the returns and or exchanges so the few that are in the store now are what is left. We always have to hold a few back to take care of shipping damage, etc.

We still have a few items left from our club archive sale as well. Don't wait... these items will go quickly.

Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!

10/24/2014 - BotCon is headed back to the Midwest in 2015!

2015 BotCon!Fun Publications, Inc., licensee for Hasbro’s official Transformers Collectors’ Convention BotCon, announced today that next year’s award-winning convention will take place at the Pheasant Run Resort June 18th thru June 21st in the great city of St. Charles, right outside of Chicago. In 2015, fans from the Midwest and across the world will be able to celebrate another exciting year of the Transformers brand at this amazing event! You can make your hotel reservations now at

In the coming weeks, pop culture enthusiasts from around the world will be able to register for BotCon 2015 through the online registration system. Fans and collectors who register for BotCon as a Primus package holder will receive a five-figure convention set, admission to the Friday private sales room experience, priority seating at all panels and seminars throughout the weekend and admittance to the Saturday night Casino Night and Awards party. Finally, Primus package attendees will also receive a special bonus Transformers figure to go along with their convention box set. General Admission for non-registered guests will be available on Saturday and Sunday only.

For all the information regarding the BotCon show activities, hotel updates and the exclusive figure offerings, remember to stay tuned to the official website. And for a sneak peek at this year’s convention set theme be sure to check out Transformers Timelines Issue 10, on comic book shelves this December!

Note: If you cannot get the type of room you want for this event, please call the hotel. They have access to more room inventory: 630-584-6300 ask for reservations.

10/22/2014 - TCC Magazine Issue 59 and Contest News!

TCC Magazine Issue 59!The latest issue of the Transformers Collectors’ Club Magazine is hitting mailboxes now. This issue features part 5 of the 30th anniversary article series by Jim Sorenson, a look back at the unreleased Generation 2 toys from the 1990’s, Part 4 of Alone Together comic story and the FIRST EVER profiles for the Destructons Medusa and Lord Imperious Delirious with art by Casey Coller! But that’s not all!

We are looking for both Fan Art and Fan Photo’s featuring the TFSS 2.0 toys. Do your best action scene, profile shot, whatever you think will capture the characters best. There will be 3 winners for both the Fan Art and Fan Photo category. You must be a member of the Transformers Collectors’ Club to enter. The list of Prizes are:

2010 BotCon Double Punch
2010 BotCon Rapido
2009 BotCon Scourge
2011 BotCon Animated Fisitron
2 X 2007 TCC Landquake

To submit your entry, you can either email it to the address found in the TCC Magazine Issue 59 (In the "From the Editor’s Desk" section) OR you can tweet it to us @The_TF_Club on Twitter using the hashtag #TCCcontest... Ends Nov. 30th. Good Luck!

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