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Q: What are the estimated shipping costs for the TCC Figure Subscription Service?
A: The FSS is figured for where you live, but to give you an idea from TX to NY for one sub is about $59 total for all six shipments which breaks down to just under $10 per shipment.

The insurance would be $21 total for the entire sub (not per shipment). This is via Priority Mail.  Fedex is slightly lower. For those who are overseas or Canadian, you can choose First Class International if you order only 1-2 subs. Over that amount pushes past the 4 lb limit and this option goes away. However be aware about the insurance (same $21) as if you don't take it, we cannot be responsible for mis-delivered or damaged items).

Example International rates for one sub: Canadian rates for International 1st class from TX to AB is under $11 per shipment or under $66 total. TX to the UK is under $20 per shipment (under $120 total)  using International 1st Class.

Q: How can I order multiples of specific figures?
A: At this time you can only order the subscription service which would be qty 1 for each subscription service ordered. After these ship to the subscribers, there MAY be some available in the club store at a higher price. Availability is not guaranteed for single figures. The only guaranteed way to get the figures is through the subscription service.

Q: Will the 6 Figure Subscription Service figures be boxed like Over-Run or will they be bagged like Runamuck?
A: The figures are poly bagged to keep the cost down.

This Transformers Figure Subscription Service (TFSS) deadline has ended!



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